Saturday, January 15, 2005


Client as Audience

The companies that come to think of their clients as an audience and provide them with the media/information they're looking for will come to capture wider and wider audience/client share, and they will learn more quickly what it is their customers are looking for because of increased interaction.

With the emergence of ads as media comes an increasing responsibility for the advertisers to be truthful. This means being academic and truthfull in all the information created. As we hope the news would be.

We know the news isn't always trustworthy though, so one trend to watch for as ads as media begin to encroach on dominant forms of media is an increasing skepticism. And an increasing trust in companies that are very forthright about how they gather data and organize it.

Many I'm sure will argue that the advertisers have too much interest in making money to provide reliable or trustworthy information. I think the increasing pressures of meMedia though will ensure, in part, more honesty from advertisers who choose to begin creating their own media offerings.

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